Scholarships & Awards


Click here for scholarship eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and application form.

The application deadline for scholarships is September 1st. Parents or recipients will be notified by the annual NATA Convention. Scholarships will be distributed after notification by October 31st.

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

First Year Scholarships

Sam Hallett (parent--Dara Schindelka)

Mandi Catarat (parent--Brandy Catarat)

Kiara Pedersen (parent--Jolene Pedersen)

Kelli Young (parent--Cindy Young)

Continuing Scholarships

Nikki Natomagan (parent--Judy Natomagan)

Hannah Anderson-Ross (parent--Trina Anderson)

Joslin Sanger (parent--Maureen Elias)

Kaitlin Aubichon (parent--Delilah Aubichon)

Hannah Preikschat (parent--Doug Preikschat)

Caitlyn McFarlane (parent--Tracy McFarlane)


Click here for eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and application form for NATA Teacher Recognition and Service Awards.

2021-2022 Award Recipients

Recognition Awards

Sarah Beer--nominated by Melva Herman

NATA Service Awards

Ashley Squires--nominated by Debbie Banman