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NATA Representative Assembly

The NATA Representative Assembly consists of the NATA Executive, the School Staff Representatives, and any other teachers given delegate status by the NATA Executive to attend any meeting. The NATA Executive consists of twelve elected positions. Below is a list of the general expectations for all NATA representatives, along with details about NATA meetings and reports.

General expectations

  • No actual nor perceived conflict of interest

  • Arrive or join meetings punctually

  • Prepare documents or reports in advance of meetings

  • Notify President of absence at least 1 week prior to meeting

  • Check and reply to emails promptly

  • Work proactively with President and Executive

  • Represent NATA in a positive manner

  • Keep updated on new policies and procedures

  • Confidently respond to member concerns with accurate information

  • Participate actively in the work of the association (volunteer on committees, write policy, participate in discussions and propose solutions)

Meetings / Reports

General meetings of NATA members

  • Annual fall meeting

  • Annual spring meeting

Planned Executive meetings:

  • Immediately following Spring meeting to assign Committee Chairs and Members

  • Winter meeting in November/December

Representative Assembly

  • Fall meeting in October

  • Spring meeting in April/May

  • As need be throughout the year (usually video conference).

Fall / Spring Council

  • Councillors also have Fall Council (end of October) and Spring Council (April/May) with the STF.

Committee Meetings

  • As needed and determined by Chair of the Committee.

Meeting Honorariums for NATA Executive, SSR/SSL, Committee Meetings (Oct 2020 - Oct 2021)

Meeting Length Amount

1-3 hours $30

3-5 hours $50

5-8 hours $80

  • Applies to meetings with a minimum of 3 members in attendance.

  • The Chair of NATA Committee Meetings must submit the date and name of attendees to the President.

  • SSRs will receive a per-diem of $50 for holding information sessions, conducting a vote at their school and returning results to the NATA Executive.

  • Per-Diem will be paid quarterly using the PD schedule.


All Executive members including Committee Chairs are expected to make reports at all meetings and at the Spring General meeting of members. Reports should be forwarded to Communications Committee to make available to members.

NATA Roles

NATA Representative Assembly members fulfil duties as outlined in the NATA Constitution the NATA Policy, the LINC Agreement, and STF guidelines. The additional specific duties assigned to each member are outlined below.


  • Arrange meetings including inviting, planning the agenda and arranging for necessary travel, accommodations and meals

  • Preside or appoint a chair for all meetings

  • Coordinate the activities of all committees

  • Maintain all lines of communications

  • Act as joint administrator of all NATA funds with the Treasurer

  • Chair the Liaison Committee

  • Be one of the councillors

  • Be a member of LINC

  • Applies and prepares reports for any grants


  • Assume role of President-Councillor in absence of the President

  • Assume role of any resigned councillor

Past President

  • Member of the Executive

  • May be appointed to chair committees

  • Share their previous knowledge with the Executive


  • Attend STF Council meetings

  • Support teachers that protocol is followed in any grievance with LINC, STF codes, policies or bylaws

  • Perform duties outlined by STF

  • Hold information sessions with members regarding resolutions and STF matters

LINC Chair

  • Co-Chair negotiation meetings

  • Share tentative LINC with members for ratification

  • Work with the STF during negotiations and ratification policies

  • Chair or assign a LINC committee as Chair for all Leaves Committee under the LINC Agreement

Housing Chair

  • Ensure members are informed of rights, responsibilities and grievance procedures in regards to NLSD housing units

  • Work with members renting NLSD housing units and the NLSD Facilities Department

  • Member of LINC

PD Chair

  • Communicate with the STF regarding professional growth activities for members

  • Work with the President and Treasurer to allocate professional growth funds to members who apply

  • Work with Communications Chair to post PD experiences that were funded

Elections Chair

  • Ensure call is made for nominations

  • Receive nominations

  • Present the slate for nominations

  • Chair the elections portion of the Spring General meeting

Resolutions Chair

  • Call for resolutions

  • Receive and categorize resolutions

  • Chair the resolutions session of the fall Annual meeting

Communications Chair

  • Foster internal communication within the association and public relations

  • Maintain the NATA website

  • Keep website updated with persons holding Executive and Committee positions

Convention Chair

  • Plan the annual Convention with the assistance of their school staff

  • Co-plan with Executive

  • Co-ordinate Convention expenditures with the President and Secretary-Treasurer

Truth & Reconciliation Chair

  • Advise the Executive how to incorporate the Calls to Action within NATA

  • Inform teachers regarding the Calls to Action


  • The Secretary-Treasurer is appointed by the president.

  • Have signing authority.

  • Prepare the annual budget and financial statement

  • Arrange for the annual review by a professional accountant

  • Complete all banking transactions of the Association.

  • Keep minutes of all meetings and share minutes with membership.

School Staff Representatives / School Staff Liaisons

  • SSRs conduct NATA business, while SSLs are liaisons with the STF.

  • Inform teachers on NATA and STF initiatives and educational issues.

  • Ensure member views and problems (regarding teaching conditions, Board policies, NATA activities/policies, STF activities/policies, negotiations, in-service education, PD opportunities, and curriculum issues) are relayed to the Executive, Representative Assembly and STF.

Constitution & Policy Chair

  • Make motions for constitutional changes to all NATA members.

  • Submit proposed Constitution changes to the STF for review, recommendations and approval.

  • Revise and share the Constitution and Policy handbook.

Scholarships Chair

  • Evaluate scholarship applications and select recipients ahead of the Annual General meeting in fall

  • Establish a committee if applicants exceed scholarships being offered

Awards Chair

  • Evaluate applications and select recipients for Teacher Recognition Awards and Service Awards

      • Teacher Recognition Awards recognize teachers for their special contributions to the students of Northern Saskatchewan.

      • Service Awards recognize members for their contributions on behalf of NATA at the School, Division, and/or Provincial levels.

Retirement Chair

  • Ensure Retirement Recognition Awards are awarded to all eligible teachers

      • Retirement Recognition Awards recognize members for their contributions toward the teaching profession, upon their retirement.

Liaison Committee

  • The committee consists of three representatives of the board and three NATA members, including the NATA President who serves as the committee chair.

  • The committee meets at least two times per year to discuss mutual concerns.

Board of Review

  • Made up of 3 NATA Executive & 3 Board Representatives

  • Receive and consider appeals related to the implementation or interpretation of the LINC Agreement

Want to get involved?

The work of NATA requires the engagement of all Northern Teachers so please consider a nomination to one of the elected positions or consider joining one of the many committees. Feel free to contact your NATA Executive for more information.