What is NATA? Why NATA Convention?

  • Convention is an opportunity for professional development and networking with other teachers in our membership

  • Convention is a time to discuss northern area issues unique to our Division

  • Convention is two days of planned professional development for our membership by our membership

  • Convention is an opportunity for one day of NATA business with our entire membership present

What do NATA Fees cover?

  • NATA Convention

    • Mileage

    • Per Diem

    • Professional Development Sessions

    • Some meals – see your Convention itinerary

  • Mileage for professional growth opportunities up to three times a year

  • Expenses for negotiation meetings for our Local Agreement (LINC) and Northern Allowance and Housing Contract Committee (NORAHC)

  • Retirement gratuity

  • Scholarships available to children of NATA members for continuing education

  • Some expenses for the new teacher induction program

What is an SSL and what do they do?

School Staff Liaisons are an important communications link between teachers and their provincial organization. Their role is established and supported by the STF with responsibilities that include:

  • Acting as a liaison between your colleagues and the provincial organization.

  • Gathering and distributing information to members as requested by the provincial organization.

  • Guiding members in your school to the resources, services and supports provided by the federation.

  • Sharing the experiences and questions brought forward by teachers with the provincial organization.

Your efforts should focus on encouraging each member in your school to learn about the Federation and the issues it is addressing on behalf of teachers.

While you may also be serving as a staff representative or in other positions in the local association or provincial organization, in your role as a liaison you do not represent or speak for your school. However, you may actively assist the provincial organization in gathering and sharing the views of members to inform Federation decisions and activities.