Constitutional Motion

March 22, 2021

NATA members,

I am pleased to make a motion to consider a new Constitution for the Northern Area Teacher’ Association.

The process of constitutional renewal began last year and I hope that the membership will debate and approve the new Constitution at our next general meeting in October 2021. If approved by the NATA membership, we can expect STF approval to be completed quickly since I have worked closely with STF senior administration during this renewal process.

Motion 1: Be it resolved, that the proposed Constitution (2021) be adopted as the official constitution of the Northern Area Teachers’ Association, pending STF Executive approval.

Please review the proposed Constitution (2021) and the following presentation which explains this proposed Constitution. If you have questions prior to the October 2021 general meeting of all members, please forward your questions to myself at

Your truly,

Debbie Banman

NATA Constitution & Policy Chair

Proposed Constitution March 2021 (3)