NATA Elections

On June 6th, 2022, executive members of NATA will be elected by the general membership. Members may be nominated for more than one position. Members nominated for election to Executive positions should have sufficient experiences to fulfill the duties outlined in the Constitution. Please note that people being nominated must have a microphone to address members during the election process.


This document will be used to aggregate all election information for the 2021 NATA Election.

Please use the nomination link to nominate individuals for positions within our association. We will update the nomination lists as names come in to ensure that members have a clear understanding of who is running and for what position.

Nominations Close: Sunday, June 5th at 7PM

When nominations have closed for open positions all polls will be updated with the appropriate names for voting purposes. Please note that polls will only open when a previous position is filled to allow for individuals to run for a different position if unsuccessful.

Thank you!


Please use the following link to nominate individuals for open positions within our association:


Nomination Form

Current Nominations: This list list will be updated as names are submitted. Please help us by submitting names early!

Last Updated (1:00 PM June 5th, 2022)

President and Councillor (2 year term): Debbie Banman

Vice-President: Tracy Flicek

Councillors (4): Marla Daigneault, Kristina Bellerose, Joshua McIntosh, Ashley Squires

LINC Chair: Dean Squires

Housing Chair: Brock Hevenor

Communications Chair: Jaimie Mack

Convention 2023 Chair:

Members-at-large (6 positions - These members may fill roles such as PD, Truth and Reconciliation, Awards and Scholarships, Resolutions, and Promotions Chairs and sit on other committees): Courtney Robataille, Melva Herman, Alexis McLeod, Janine Dean, Ravinder Kaur, Sarah Poole


Please use the following links to elect individuals for open positions within our association. Note that links will go live as positions are filled to ensure people have the chance. Results will be displayed to the right of positions.