Wednesday – Short (B) Sessions (2:45 – 4:00)

Below are the Short (B) sessions.  To register, remember your desired session name and move to the “Register Now” link in the right hand menu.


Session name: Saskatchewan Drama Association

Presenter: Levay Turner

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: PA Inn Room 102

Description: This is a presentation to let the membership know about what the SDA has to offer to the teaching population. If you teach Drama or run a drama club in your school, please attend this meeting to find out about cool resources available to you.



Session name: PAA Module Implementation for Non-Attenders

Presenter: James Kissick

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: PA Inn Room 103

Description: The goal of this session will be to network ways to support learning in Practical Applied Arts classes. I will be including a focus on strategies I use to help students with barriers to success due to minor absenteeism. I will share methods I am using in my class to help students be more independent in their learning including technology, followed by time for discussion and sharing of participants experiences. This session is designed to be collaborative and I encourage participants to bring examples of modules and assignments they use in their classes as we will have time to network.



Session name: TRC’s Calls to Action and active citizenship in the High School Classroom

Presenter: Teri Huntley

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: PA Inn Room 106

Description: By examining the Truth & Reconcilation Commission’s Calls to Action as a primary document for high school English & Social Studies, this session focuses on embedding the students sense of citizenship and social activism. Participants will work collaboratively to develop a variety of activities for students using the Calls to Action as a springboard. Student exemplars from a Grade 12 English class will be available for viewing.



Session name: Sask Mining Association Educational Outreach Material

Presenter: SaskMining Association

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: Best Western Room 149

Description: Come to learn about materials you can access through the SaskMining Association



Session name: What is the STF?

Presenter: Rob Lehne

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: Quality Inn Oak Room

Description: This session will provide a brief overview of the STF as a teacher organization. The presentation will include a look at the STF website, teacher benefits and STF services. There is an opportunity to ask questions of Senior Administrative Staff. New and experienced teachers are encouraged to attend. Connects with The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006.



Session name: Assessment for Physical Education

Presenter: Julie Andrews

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: Parkland Hall/Gym @ 1510-9th Avenue West

Description: This session will provide both generalist and specialist teachers a variety of practical and useful tools to help in the assessment and reporting of outcomes in Physical Education. Be prepared to move.



Session name: Following their Voices Networking

Presenter: Sue Carriere

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45-4:00

Location: Travelodge Restaurant

Description: Following Their Voices; Strategic Change Leadership Team networking and sharing.

This session is for the schools that are already participating in Following Their Voices. This will be a time for principals, lead teachers and in-school facilitators to discuss;
· how things are going;
· challenges;
· solutions for challenges.



Session name: Explorica

Presenter: Joe Wyatt

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45 – 4:00

Location: Art Hauser – Main Room

Description: We would focus on the message that we are making student travel as accessible as possible. I can provide company overview and talk about our Financial Assistance program and flexible group payment plans. Fundraising would then be from Connie Haugen to provide the great examples of how she gets funds for student trael possible
Overall message will be the Benefits of Student travel and then I can highlight some of the specialist tours that we offer such as History event trips and Service learning projects.



Session name: Engaging High School Students

Presenter: Jackie Durocher

Date and time: Wednesday, October 10th, 2:45 – 4:00

Location: PA Inn Salon C

Description: -Changing the traditional school setting to meet the needs of disengaged students

For high school teachers only