Emotional Anatomy – Adrienne Fitch

            Moksha Yoga Saskatoon offered a 3-hour emotional anatomy course in October, 2018. In order to gain the full effects from the emotional anatomy course I decided to supplement the course with a few hot yoga classes.The Emotional Anatomy course was with Mallory Guenther, a registered psychosomatic therapist. Psychosomatic therapy is based on the connection between the mind and body (what and how you think will directly have a positive or negative impact on your body). As a high school teacher in a northern community, I was interested in taking this course because I am a strong advocate for positive self-talk. Many of the students who attend our high school deal with poverty, substance abuse, and domestic issues (not to mention the daily struggles that come with being a teenager). With so many things out of their control having a positive mindset or engaging in positive self-talk is one thing that they do have control over. Taking this course is one way I am able to better educate myself and therefore my students.

            This course paired meditation, Yin Yoga, and discussion to explore our body/mind connection. I understood and agreed with the importance of a healthy body to cultivate a healthy mind (and vice versa); however, I had forgotten just how tightly these are connected. During my weekend of hot yoga sessions and the emotional anatomy classes I was able to focus, meditate, and relax. It isn’t until your body relaxes that you realize how much stress the body can physically carry. Deep stretching and yoga breathing is something that I practice with my students, but it’s something I should be implementing as a regular practice to focus on harm prevention.

            During the emotional anatomy course Mallory spoke about different physical pain linking to specific aspects of emotional pain. This is an area in which I need to do more research. I don’t disagree with this notion, but I will need to do more digging before I agree with the idea that a pain in my right knee is linked to emotional issues with male figures in my life.

            All in all, I am glad that I took the course and was able to pair it with a few intense hot yoga classes which helped detox my body and purify my mind. I feel more knowledgeable in the area of psychosomatic therapy and will continue to focus on positive self-talk and healthy mindsets with my students.