Developing Language and Literacy… the Animated Literacy Workshop – Erin Woelders

On November 8th and 9th, I attended the Animated Literacy Workshop in Saskatoon, presented by Jim Stone.  This was a workshop I was really looking forward to attending, as this is a school wide program we use.  And while I had read the resource and was using the program, I had never attended any formal training or workshops. This helped me to further develop my understanding of the program, and now I use it a lot more as I have a better understanding of how it works in its entirety and can draw from that training without always referring to a written resource.

Animated Literacy is a multisensory approach to help students move from the earliest stages of literacy into independence.  Each sound is connected to a gesture that is introduced with a story and worked into songs to reinforce them.  Students then make the gestures when they make the sounds, reinforcing their memory of how the sounds are made.  And because this is a school wide language, students often help others by showing the action to classmates which triggers the memory of the sound.  It also has resources that allow students to draw pictures and label them, reinforcing the sounds they have just learned in a fun way. 

In my role of LNC, when I pull students who are reading below grade level, this program is a wonderful resource.  I would recommend this workshop to any teachers teaching literacy at an elementary level.