Awasis Aboriginal Inter-Agency Education Conference – Tina Suru

During this conference, I attended the following sessions:

  • Smudge Ceremony
  • Transition Planning:  A Youth Focused Resource
  • Creating a Culturally Sensitive Classroom: and Why it Matters!
  • Debriefing While Keeping Your Pants On
  • Destressing Through Self Care

I really enjoyed the Smudge Ceremony and learned about many different types of medicines that you can use from Mother Earth.  It was such a great learning experience to be able to touch and learn about the name and the use of each plant.  We also smudged together, and it was a very peaceful and shared experience that adds to my ideas of Aboriginal content.   I also was amazed by the amount of relevant knowledge that The Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute provides for a Transition Planning:  A Youth Focused Resource.  I found it very useful since so many of my students are wondering what classes they actually need to graduate and go on to Post-Secondary; it is a nice resource to have on hand.