Awasis Aboriginal Inter-Agency Education Conference – Terresa Janvier

During this conference I attended various sessions during the two days of conference. They were as follows:

Smudge Ceremony                      

Transition Planning: A Youth Focused Resource                

Creating a Culturally Sensitive Classroom: and Why it Matters!                 

Debriefing While Keeping Your Pants On                            

Destressing Through Self Care                 

     Two sessions from this list were of particular interest and relevance.  I will speak on behalf of those sessions.  First and foremost, the Smudge Ceremony was an amazing experience where all the session participants learned about many different types of medicines that come from mother earth and their uses.  We had a chance to touch and see each type as the trainer explained their importance and use.  At the end of this session we engaged in a smudge ceremony as a group which was enlightening and a wonderfully connecting experience. The other session I would like to highlight is the session, Transition Planning: A Youth Focused Resource.  This was of particular interest to me as it aligns very well with some of the work I do with students in the areas of Life Transitioning such as Post-Secondary Education, Relationships & Communication, and Employment just to name a few.  This session was provided by Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute and was based on the hard copy resource and phone App, Transition Planning Resource for Youth: A Guide for First Nations Child/Youth Workers.  I plan to use this resource in my work with the youth that I work with, grades 10-12 and share the resource with the middle years teachers as the lessons and activities align well with the Saskatchewan Career Education Curriculum.