Awasis Aboriginal Inter-Agency Conference – Sarah Beer

The Awasis Aboriginal Inter-Agency Conference was a new and exciting learning experience. I attended some useful workshops on Jump Math which can be used in the culture class for Math interventions to help bring the students up to grade level.  I also attended a workshop on incorporating Aboriginal Math into the classroom. I intend to use many of these games with my students. They are a neat way to introduce Math concepts which are very fun and interactive. I took home a variety of materials for birch bark biting using it in both Math and Art. My students will enjoy the hands-on experience. There were also a variety of vendors which I could visit through out the day. We were able to learn about the properties of plants used for traditional medicine. Then after we could purchase these to bring them back to our school to use in our teachings. The keynote speaker, Corey O’Soup, was very inspiring. He spoke about his experiences in education and the importance of thoroughly self reflecting. He encouraged us to find out the different methods we could use to keep children in school. He emphasized the importance of relationships with students need to help them succeed. I also attended a workshop on self care; something teachers often lack. The presenter reminded us that in order to take care of others, we must also care for ourselves. She gave us a range of activities we could use both at school and at home to reduce our stress levels and connect with our emotions. Overall, the experience was something different I have not experienced at any other PD. It was an insight to incorporating First Nations teachings into all subjects in the classroom; an experience everyone in attendance would have benefited from.