Awasis Aboriginal Inter-Agency Conference – Angela Robertson

The Awasis Aboriginal Inter-Agency Conference was great! There were tons of interesting and unique vendors that I visited throughout the day. I really enjoyed listening to the keynote speaker, Corey O’Soup, who spoke about his experiences in education and encouraged us to reflect on how we interact with our students daily. He stressed the importance of getting to know and understand each of them on a personal level. I had some great workshops on the first day that focused on mathematics. I was introduced to the JUMP math resources and I brought some of the ideas back to our admin in the hopes that we could try and implement parts (if not all) of this program into our school next year. I loved the session on First Nations Math. We were given tons of resources and ideas such as making dream catchers, birch bark biting and a variety of hands on games that we could bring back to the classroom to help with relating First Nations culture to our math curriculum. The following day I had a session in the morning on Wild Medicine and how it can nourish and heal the whole body. The facilitator, Flo Lavallie, had also written a book that each of us were given which I have been reading since the conference and I have found it to be very informative. My final session was on de-stressing through self-care. This was a great way to end the conference. We played some games that got us all up and laughing. We learned some relaxation techniques and we finished off the session with giving ourselves and our partners a massage using tennis balls and massage knuckles. Overall it was a great experience and I would be happy to attend this conference again!