Penny Settee – Childhood Anxiety: Understanding and Helping Children Heal

I attended two thoroughly presented workshops by Morgan Bissegger, Registered Psychologist. The first was on Childhood Anxiety: Understanding and Helping Children Heal. She discussed the types of Anxiety believed to be the result from a nature deficit, the lure of technology, and a disruption of the stress response systems. She spoke of the healthy nature of anxiety and gradually moved toward Attachment Theory and ‘disruption’ where unhealthy anxiety originates. She delved into brain structure and used the ‘Brain in Hand’ model by Dan Siegel, which can be seen on Google. It can be used to befriend anxiety and to teach about ‘Flipping Your Lid’. Other strategies were provided in the form of ten common principles to manage anxiety. The primary ones are to maintain strong attachments with family and to keep adult issues out of your child’s life, be your child’s filter.’ Medication and Natural alternatives were also mentioned.