Christine Ravenis – Think Indigenous! 2018 Conference

It has never been a more relevant time to engage in listening to and participating in a forum where so many like minded people gather.  University of Saskatchewan in partnership with the Indian Teacher Education Programme created a four year space for the awareness of and need for education in the areas of systematic racism, oppression and colonial systems that we as a society live in.  The theme for this conference, the final year in Treaty 6 territory, was: Inspiring Change through Indigenous Knowledge, Story, and Education. All of the keynote and REDTalk speakers are available online YouTube, in podcast form or archived on the Think Indigenous! webpage. The renowned thinkers of our time have spoken during the four years I have attended this conference.  The amount of transformation I have gone through by learning from the best on the systemic, colonial times we live in juxtaposed with the true colonial history across the globe, has woke me.  No longer will I be able to educate the youth I have dedicated my life to serve in a way that silences their voices, that does not bring into their awareness the factors that have influenced where we are, in this point in time, as a province, as a nation state, as a human race.