Kona Guest – Building Student Engagement in Distance and Blended Learning through sharing, networking and inspiration.

This conference is of interest to Education Leaders, Distance educators, educators using blended learning in the classroom and organizations with an interest in innovative change and student engagement.

Many high school teachers are eager to use strategies to keep students engaged and motivated in successful high school completion.  This conference had a variety of speakers with various solutions that looked at digital tools and educational technology.

One the many inspirational speakers was Ken Grover. https://youtu.be/iujqRi4xgw0  During his presentation he walked around the school with his laptop so we could see the physical space and the teachers and students in action.  Two students agreed to be interviewed by us which made it more interactive and memorable.

He and his staff created a comprehensive and fully re-imagined educational experience for 21st century high school students. Ken believes that relationships, risk-taking, community, and responsibility are key to success in public education. When asked about their high school experience, generally speaking, the number one response from students is: it’s boring. Students want schools that are student-centered. Students need flexibility and access to their curriculum, their teachers, and their education. At Innovations High School, students are in control of when they learn, not the teacher. The key to success at Innovations High is a strong mentor-teacher program. Graduation rates are now over 97%.”

This professional growth opportunity could be facilitated by the edcentre.ca team at Masinahikana Online School for any NLSD staff member who is interested in this delivery style of education.  For more information check out the attached link and the Shared Google Doc Note Taking Link under each speaker:  https://buildingstudentengagementin2017.sched.com/