Matt Koebernick – School Gardening Conference

February 3 and 4, 2017
I have been participating in the Little Green Thumbs program for the last two years and have seen the benefits that an indoor garden brings to the classroom. Being a relative novice to gardening and growing plants I went to the School Gardening Conference hosted by Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan to further my knowledge of using and incorporating gardening as a teaching/learning process. During the conference I learned how to further develop connections to the curriculum and making connections to nutrition. In addition, I learned some practical steps to take and things to consider when setting up a school outdoor garden. A highlight of the conference was learning how to incorporate art into science learning through a workshop called Project Curiosity where we were taught simple art techniques to use with students when teaching them about plants. Overall it was an interesting thought provoking conference which also provided time to discuss with other teachers their successes and problems when using classroom/school gardens as part of their teaching practice.