Clarence Clarke – Think Indigenous! Conference

March 21 – 23, 2017
I, Clarence Clarke, had gone to a workshop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on March 21 – 24 of this year which was called “Think Indigenous! Conference”. This year the theme was on reconciliation from the residential school era. What struck me about this conference was that the Tep schools are having a lot of threat of being wiped out. Nortep is close to being extinct from the school system. The other workshop I went to was on Cree language and how to teach Cree the proper way, also for teachers to be in the Cree room learning with their students. Also resources such as what each classroom has example: animals, clothing, toys, anything that is a manipulative can be used as an object to teach Cree. Other interesting activities were doing hands on learning in Cree as well as learning about plants and their medicinal value.
This was a worthwhile workshop, I amassed 45 pages of notes on the workshop and plan on typing them out for future reference and some notes I can use for Cree teaching as well. I would recommend any school who wants to learn about first nation education and how the language and culture can be utilized in a classroom setting. The three schools Nortep, Suntep and Itep are renowned for teaching in this fashion and each is unique to the teachings of the Metis and First Nations in which they serve, something a university mainstream program cannot provide.