Joel Stange May 2-3, 2016 IT Summit 2016

The IT Summit is an opportunity to look at ways to improve digital fluency across a school division. Over the course of two days I attended many interesting sessions. Some of the sessions I attended spoke of the effect coding has on the classroom. There is room for inquiry, creativity, and sharing. There are coding websites such as a resource that teaches children the fundamental idea of coding. I also attending a session on allowing 5 minutes of creativity where students are given challenges at a station in the room. There they can build lego, create circuits, or code at a class computer. I think this would be a great thing for kids to do when they finish work early. My favorite session was about the genius hour. This is all about student engagement through passion based learning. Students are encouraged and monitored by their teacher to pick a topic of their choice. They are given time to work on the project and create some kind of product that they can show to their classmates once they feel ready to do so. Check out to learn more. Students do not need to use technology every genius hour, but it does serve as a tool for researching and reflecting. For example, they could create a presentation to show the class about a physical project they had worked on.