Dan Marek June 11-12, 2016 Achieve Training Workshops – Emotional Intelligence & Assertive Communication

A brief description of the content of each is as follows:
1. Emotional Intelligence
a. Responding to your emotions
b. Recognizing others’ emotions
c. Influencing others emotions
A fact given was that in any given job, a certain threshold IQ level is necessary to complete the tasks required. Above that threshold, however, emotional intelligence is a far better predictor of job success than IQ is.
2. Assertive Communication
a. Culture influences communication expectations
b. Effective communication is an essential work skill
c. We are always communicating
d. Communication is goal oriented
e. Communication varies in complexity level
The two days were well worth attending in that they addressed the focus required in my teaching assignment. I believe that both workshops could be considered as beneficial for any and all teachers.