Taking Advantage of Your Community – A Conference for Beginning Teachers – David White

David White – Churchill High School
A. Reason for Attendance:
New Teacher, Networking, Support for classroom management

B. Topic of PD:
Taking your place in the professional community: A conference for beginning teachers. Sessions included discussions of evaluation, classroom management and differentiation, integrating First Nations content, online behaviour concerns and various presentations on aspects of the teaching profession (pension, benefits, etc.)

C. Application to school programs, student learning:
Opportunities to exchange situations and strategies with other beginning teachers (facilitated by an experienced teacher) were helpful to reflect on my own performance, philosophies and strategies. There was the opportunity to learn about many resources and networks that are available to teachers in Saskatchewan, and I was able to join a group that provides information and support for drama in and out of the classroom. It was also helpful to talk to other beginning teachers in a more social setting and realize that others are going through many of the same struggles that I am.

D. Could this professional growth opportunity be facilitated by NATA or NLSD#113 to better serve teachers?:
No, a province-wide approach is probably better, as it gives more opportunity to network and learn from a larger variety of teachers (and therefore philosophies/styles). Also, much of the information about the contracts are common to all STF teachers, so it doesn’t make sense to run a bunch of separate sessions.