21st National Congress on Rural Education in Canada – Kona Guest

March 20-22
Saskatoon, SK

a. Kona Guest

b. March 20-22, 2016 TCU Place Saskatoon, SK

c. I wanted to get inspiration to improve my online courses as well as new ideas to help promote the educational success for my online Northern / Aboriginal Students who are mainly in rural areas across Northern Saskatchewan.

d. “Imagine the Possibilities” Important Conversations about Rural Schools 21st National Congress on Rural Education in Canada
http://www.usask.ca/education/ruraled/ “The central theme Imagine the Possibilities … invites delegates to reflect on what is possible in overcoming the obstacles of distance, size and economic uncertainty for schools in rural and remote settings. While facing complex challenges due to diverse and unique needs, rural schools require leadership at all levels to be adaptable, innovative and embrace change.”

e. This national event brings together all sectors of the k-12 educational community to network and discuss issues pertaining specifically to rural education/schools. The three keynotes were very inspiring and each had powerful messages (Karl Subban”A Vision for Success: Unlocking your Full Potential,” Alec Couros “Embracing Chage in a Digital World: Possibilities for Rural Schools,” Waneek Horn-Miller “Inspiring Aboriginal Youth.”


I was pleasantly surprised that there were quite a few sessions focused on Reconciliation for Aboriginal Education. Also the session on Positive Mental Health (Mental Health First Aid ) were very powerful, informative, and timely.
I attended the following sessions:

“Collaborative Autonomy – Improving Rural Education through Collaboration.”

“Supporting Positive Mental Health in Schools”
“Collaborative Autonomy – Improving Rural Education through Collaboration.”
“Curriculum and Instruction in a Digital Age: Teaching 21st Century Skills”
“One Course Many Paths”

“Let’s Teach to Live Healthy”

“Chair-ity Restoring Connections”

f. I heard that the division is currently working on bringing in Professional Development around Mental Health First Aid which would greatly benefit the entire school division. The session by Beverly Illauq – CHAIR-ITY: Restoring Connections was very insightful. I also heard from a collegue that the “Blanket Exercise Workshop” would be a paradigm shifting experience for all NLSD staff, educators and stakeholders.